May 2010, I was in Cannes with the ScriptEast Workshops and took some time to try my hand at photography…

The glamor of the Film Festival brings a harsh contrast to this poor old lady from Bosnia. With aching feet and worn out clothes, she leaned on a cane and held out a paper cup, silently asking for alms.

Not many people took notice of her. Nicely dressed, they were all in a hurry to catch the evening’s attractions. She reminded me of Baudelaire’s prose poem “The Eyes of the Poor”, hence the title.

I was exhilarated and grateful because earlier the same evening I saw Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson walk the red carpet. So I put in her cup all the money I had on me that instant. Roughly the amount to buy 2 warm sandwiches in Cannes, or to eat for a whole week in my part of the world.

Yet, I wondered, if I had more… would I even have stopped?

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