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It’s my birthday today.

I’ve just published my first book!

It’s an adventure children ‘s novelette for which I also made the illustrations and the entire layout and cover art.

A HALLOWEEN TREAT available for purchase@ https://www.createspace.com/3683969

and very soon also on Amazon.com in both print and kindle.

Here’s a little preview on my FB profile.

This is a dream come true and the best B-day present so far. It’s right up there, with the 17’th b-Day, when I gave myself the exquisite pleasure of memorizing Hamlet’s monologue. Yeah, I still know it and I’ve “performed” it on several occasions, including a HALLOWEEN costume party, where I went as the troubled Prince of Denmark.


Thought of the day – diary

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Nov. 6.2011

If you don’t do something with your full heart, then it’s no point in doing it at all… there’s always someone else who, to your greatest surprise, will take pleasure in doing that which you hate. Never despise that someone, or you will be a lesser person.


Saints do not move, though grant for prayer’s sake…


Happy birthday to my best!

Oct. 13.2011

“Nelson loved a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.

Nelson loved a little lamb,

it kept me nice and sane.”

Oct. 11.2011

You take one circle. You caress it.

It becomes vicious.

The Lack of Discipline

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I’ve never been one to care much for order but I ended up craving it in later years.

Let’s hope this blog will help in this direction, unless I’ll end up discarding it for lack of time. 🙂

It’s all up to you, my readers, but also up to me to keep you near.

Welcome to this playground!

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Vicious, malicious kids are not allowed.

This is a place for fun and all things nice

that make us in our daily lives forget the wheel of time.

No, not an opium to our sense of measure,

but one mere meaning to its restlessness.