So, we have several categories here.

Each day of the week should be dedicated to one or two categories, but this is no commitment that I will post every day.

Mostly, it’s easy to guess what they stand for. I’ll try not to bother you too much with my Sunday and Wednesday Shower playlist, however, it’s part of my hobbies and it’s the easiest way to increase the number of posts. 🙂

The way I see it, only the Friday’s Kitchen games present a weekly obligation, because we all eat regularly and we all like to try new recipes. I’m not posing as a Grand Chef, but usually my cooking is edible and rather to my taste. Hope also to yours as well. And I hope I won’t be out of recipes by New Year’s Eve. 🙂  You’ll find out that some recipes don’t take a lot of skill, time or resources, and you’ll thank me for saving money, because cooking at home is cheaper than eating out. Even two left handed persons can try these at home and not endanger their lives or the lives of one’s neighbor.

In Monday’s Eye of the Beholder I plan to publish either series of slide shows or photographs of my experiences through the lens of a petty Kodak camera with, oh, so many faults but none due to the operator, of course. 🙂 But also images, paintings or other form of artworks which I witness and consider worth sharing further.

For the Monday and Tuesday or any other day of the week the Muse pays a visit to my Meringues section, I must confess I’ve been writing poetry since I was 6, in fact, the first thing I ever wrote was a poem, but you have to be really crazy to believe you can be a poet and not live at the mercy of friends for endless periods. I find it hard to take advantage of my friends, therefore, I turned to more lucrative ways of writing, and called my poetic creations “meringues”. Well, they taste better in Romania if you have them with Coca-Cola ™ :). Sometimes they’ll squeeze in the program, because that little voice is still inside me, somewhere. Yeah, talk about being sane and reasonable, then add something about the voices in your head, way to go, Alice!

The Sunday Pets category, it would have to be about cats, mostly. I don’t claim to be an expert, but that’s the animal I have at hand in several specimens all around the house. I have experience with pregnancy in cats as well, in fact, I’ll look up my Yahoo Answers regarding this topic and post them here for future reference and will also be available for any further questions and advice to the best of my abilities, but keep in mind: I am not a vet. Otherwise, I’ll post things about my cats, funny stories or pictures and we’ll have a guessing game saga with hints and clues later on, which will be a lot of fun.

I’ll probably develop a new Blog dedicated entirely to Plants & Garden. It will be in Romanian, though, so some of those posts will be doubled in the Saturday and Sunday Plants category here, in English.

The Two busy hads category will mostly double the Kitchen games or the Plants (and Garden) thingies, but sometimes there will be little surprises like my needlepoint work – if I’ll ever manage to finish it – or my carpentry tryouts, or who knows what other ideas for useful stuff around the house I might have.

The Thursdays’ Uncategorized help me when I want to share something that does not fit in any of the above, while Vids worth watching any day of the week is just a collection of things I want to share with you. For this section only I also take suggestions. For the rest of them, I’m happy to see your photos, recipes, pets, plants and anything you’re willing to share, but don’t expect me to comment, like, vote, follow suggestions and so on. And especially don’t even dream of putting songs into MY shower playlist. Over there you’re only allowed to comment your own thoughts regarding that particular song and that’s it. No “this reminds me of…”, “it’s so much like…” or “this other one is better…” because I will edit those titles out. I’m sick and tired of ppl shoving down my throat their own playlists. Sure, I don’t mind learning new songs, but not in the shower, all right? And, no, I don’t shower only on Sundays and Wednesdays, but that’s none of your business, you dirty little bad thing!

Of course, some posts will be suitable for two or more categories, what can I do, I’m a multiple task-er, and this also gives the illusion that I have more posts than in reality. Ha!

In time, new categories might appear, so I’ll update this page correspondingly.

Until then, feel free to enjoy:

P.S. This blog was created sometime by the middle of October, but I’d like to start with a clean slate and tell you that I’m tweaking dates with my posts, so that it looks like I started on October 1st, which can only mean I have a couple of weeks’ worth of posts to catch up on. Still working on that.


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