Who is…?

Alice is Alexandra’s virtual alter-ego.

If you’re reading this you either know Alexandra in person, or she’s becoming famous. 🙂

Alexandra was born 30 years ago on the Black Sea shore, in Constantza, Romania, recently also in the E.U.

October, 2011: she barely ties the end of one month to the beginning of the other, living in a two-room apartment in Bucharest, with her beloved George and a rather large number of cats.

As an artist, she does a cappella performances in the shower, paints cubist images in frosting on birthday cakes, dances slightly better than a puppet on a string, gave up writing poetry so as to not starve to death, but she is still crazy enough to believe that she can make a living out of writing.

She began working as a journalist and now she freelances as scriptwriter and indie film producer.

She recently published her first children’s book and she’s optimistic enough to hope that the first royalties will help fix her grandmother’s cataract.

Here’s where you can buy the book


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